How innocent is Daisy Miller?I think she is improper, but can she be innocent at the same time?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daisy's innocence can be characterized as being non-judgemental of others or experiences in life.  She was innocent of prejudice and did not want strict social standards to rule her life.  It is in this regard that Daisy is innocent.  She is not phony and contrived like everyone else in the society that she encounters in Europe. 

Daisy brings a freshness to stale Europe with her American desire for freedom.  She is refreshingly honest about what she wants and feels.  She is not fake, she is a real person.

Her behavior, according to the rules of polite society, is unacceptable for a young woman in her time.  She ignores the standards of behavior and willfully squanders her reputation. Now it can be suggested that she lost her life because of careless behavior, or perhaps, she would have lost her life anyway, but at least while she lived, she really enjoyed her life, her way.     

noelia | Student

I think that even though people tell her that certain things are improper, Daisy likes to do what she thinks is free and right. Daisy likes to react to any situation according to her own desires. On the contrary, Europeans would never act in any manner except that approved by all society.

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