How is information restricted in Fahrenheit 451?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout Bradbury's dystopian society, information is restricted by censoring books, arresting intellectuals, and the overwhelming influence of state-controlled media outlets.

The fireman agency was created to destroy all books and arrest dissidents, who are typically intellectuals. Former professors, authors, journalists, and educators live in fear and are forced to travel the country as homeless intellectuals. Through the use of mass media, the government creates an ignorant society addicted to watching interactive parlor television shows and engaging in physically exhilarating activities. The education system is also broken, and classic literature classes are virtually nonexistent. Information is altered and compressed into short snippets that the consumer can quickly digest without fully experiencing the breadth and scope of the specific work. Overall, citizens are discouraged from pursuing knowledge, and government agencies prevent individuals from possessing books. Citizens who are discovered possessing books or engaging in intellectual pursuits are arrested, and their houses are destroyed.

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