How is industrialism (specifically economic and social change) addressed in Heart of Darkness?

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Industrialism can be defined as "the idea or state of having a country's economy, society, or political system based on industry (see second link below for Cambridge Dictionary). The Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth-century had transformed Europe from a largely agrarian society to an increasingly urban one, with much of the rural population moving to the towns and cities to work in the factories there. The social impact of this change was enormous. The ability to create more, faster, better, and cheaper using machinery made men millionaires in short order, while the ability to make money at such a rate tempted the factory owners to exploit their workers. Heavy industry runs on the labor of the people who power the machines. The faster the machinery can be made to run, the more it can create, and the more profit the industry can turn. This simple calculus led to appalling exploitation of the factory workers, and a concomitant rise in social welfare programs designed to alleviate...

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