How is individuality represented in V for Vendetta?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Essentially, human choice is depicted as the basic antidote to the political institution of represssion through totalitarianism.  Consider Evey's, disguised as V, words to the crowd announcing the impending destruction of Downing Street:

...choose what comes next. Lives of your own, or a return to chains.

The Norsefire has gained power through repression and ultraviolence.  Every aspect of this party is rooted in brutal suppression of individual voice.  In this political setting, Moore/ Lloyd are suggesting that in the face of ultra- conservative and repressive political realities, individual choice and the embrace of individual voice is of vital importance.  The fact the V's legacy for change is embodied in Evey, who in turn will pass it on to Dominic, is reflective of how individuals have to make a conscious choice to embody dissent and resistance in times of political suppression.  The end desire for anarchy is nothing more than a realization of individuality and individual choice; the land of "Do-As-You-Please" is a recognition that individuality and personal notions of identity are the opposing forces to totalitarianism.  In such assertions, the need for individuality is seen as the antidote to a realm where political control is contingent on silence and a lack of individuality.

adipietrae eNotes educator| Certified Educator

V is the ultimate ironic interpretation of individuality in this graphic novel.  He not only dresses and Guy Fawkes, an individual still infamous in England for bombing Parliament, he fights against the oppression of the Norsefire party by killing key members of government and trying to show the people to once again be free thinkers and to act of their own accord, not our of fear.  Throughout the novel he tries to fight against the accepted and enforced way of life, from rescuing Evey in the beginning to teaching her the lost ways of art, music, and intellectualism.