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How are Indian customers visiting Shoppers' Stop any different from customers of developed Western settings?

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I think it is fair to say that the Indian customers' gap between that of their Western counterparts is not as wide as it once was about a decade ago.  However, there are some differences.  One such difference is that department store settings have been more common in the United States and other Western settings have been present for some time.  The first department store in New York City opened in the 19th Century, and other stores like it began to emerge across the nation.  For a longer period of time, department store settings have been in front of consumers.  This means that Western consumers have had more time to appropriate buying, browsing, and spending habits more than their Indian counterparts.  Additionally, I would suggest that there is a greater disparity between urban and rural Indians who are able to acclimate themselves to the department store or online shopping experiences.  This gap in type of consumers is not as evident in Western countries.  Such a gap clearly establishes different types of consumer behaviors based on urban and rural conditions, something that is not as much of an issue in Western countries.  This also extends to online shopping habits, something that has not been as much of a pervasive issue in Western settings, as much as it is in India.

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