How was there an increase in social and political tensions during the Vietnam War?  

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The Vietnam War was one of many controversial events during a period of general social upheaval in the United States. The baby boom was a period of great prosperity. More students were attending college and people moved up into the middle classes. The rising middle class and baby boom generation rethought many social values in this time period.

Perhaps the most important movement of this period was the civil rights movement, which saw many groups rise up against various forms of discrimination. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 marked a major step forward in combating racism and discrimination and giving equal rights to ethnic minorities. There was a major backlash against this piece of legislation from racists uncomfortable with equality and desegregation. At the same time, people began rethinking issues of gender. Women and LBGTQ people also pushed for equal rights.

The Vietnam war was a flashpoint for social tensions, pitting liberals of all stripes against older, more conservative values....

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