How to increase and decrease the percentages?give me an example :D

najm1947 | Student

How to increase or decrease the percentages?

Suppose you have apocket money of $20 per day and you spend $5 on beverages per day.

Here pocket money is the "Total" value of a thing and spending on beverages is a "Component" of the same thing (money in this case).

The percentage of your spending on beverages can be worked out as the "component" divided by the "Total" = 5/20*100 = 25%

If you increase your spending to $6 or reduce it to $4 and the pocket money remains the same as $20 then the spending will increase or decrease to 30% or 20% respectively as compared to the present 25%

On the contrary, if your spending remains the same as $5 and the pocket money is increased to $25 or reduced to $16. Then your percentage of spending on beverages will reduce or increase to 20% or 32.25% respectively as compared to the present saving of 25%.

So you can see that the percentage can be increased or decreased by changing the "Total" or its "Component".

I hope this answers your problem.