how to improve eyesight?i have myopia and i would like to improve my eyesight.

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For nearsightedness or myopia, treatment includes corrective glasses or contact lenses, or even surgery. Surgery changes the shape of the cornea to improve the vision. This may be done with lasers, or by traditional methods. Scleral reinforcement surgery is done to reduce strain by covering the thinning posterior pole in the eye to help stop progression of the disease and possibly maintaining or even improving the eyesight. Orthokeratology is used to halt the progression of myopia. A rigid, gas-permeable contact lens worn at night is used to help reshape the cornea and improve vision. There are alternative therapies that are disputed by eye care doctors and scientists that include eye exercises and relaxation techniques. Bates, a doctor who lived from 1860-1931, believed eye strain caused eye problems and that his exercises helped with relaxing the strain and improving sight. He also believed in sunlight helping relieve the strain. Again, most doctors are skeptical as to the benefit of these exercises. The main treatments are eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery and all options must be examined as well as the age of the patient, how predictable are the results, does insurance cover the treatment or not as well as other factors.

mathexplosion | Student

I've heard that eating carrots can help your eyesight.