How important is supense in the story? In what ways is it aroused and sustained? What part does chance and coincidence play in the story?

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In the true tradition of a classic short story, author Richard Connell builds the tension slowly in "The Most Dangerous Game." He arouses the reader's curiosity immediately when Rainsford is told of the mysterious Ship-Trap Island. When Rainsford falls off the boat, we wonder how he will be saved. We wonder about the origin of the gunshots Rainford hears, and we are surprised--as Rainsford is--when the island turns out to be home to a magnificent estate. Connell allows the conversation between Zaroff and Rainsford to slowly expose the Cossack's special prey, and we wonder if Rainsford if truly safe in such a place. When Zaroff begins his hunt of Rainsford, the suspense builds even further: Can Rainsford outtrick Zaroff? Can he be as formidable a prey as he is a hunter? How will he escape? All of these answers unfold before Rainsford makes his escape. And in the true tradition of an excellent short story, there is a surprising twist at the end.

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