How important is A Passion in the Desert?

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The "importance" of a literary work is not something one can measure in a simple objective fashion. Instead, works of literature can be important to specific people or scholars or with certain contexts for various different reasons.

"A Passion In The Desert" (Une Passion Dans Le Désert) by Honoré de Balzac was a short story originally published in the December 1830 issue of a small literary magazine Revue de Paris and later incorporated into other larger collections of works by Balzac. It was originally translated into English by the important "decadent" poet Ernest Dowson and in 1998 made into a film by director Lavinia Currier.

French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) is widely considered an important figure in the development of realistic fiction in the nineteenth century and is normally read by all students studying French literature. He is important within the history of European fiction and the history of nineteenth-century literature.

"A Passion In The Desert" is not one of the best known or most influential works by Balzac, but was popular in its own period due to its addressing a topic very important in the French and European imagination, the Napoleonic wars in Egypt. Modern scholars interested in colonialism and the relationship between people and animals in literature are particularly interested in this work.

Eugénie Grandet and Le Père Goriot are probably the best known works by Balzac, but he was an extremely prolific writer and many of his works continue to be read and studied by a wide range of readers, students, and scholars.

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