How important is conflict in Romeo and Juliet?

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Conflict is fairly important in both the exposition and the driving of the drama.  The Prologue establishes conflict from the earliest frame of reference.  The entire situation revolving each of the "star- crossed lovers" does not acquire any significance unless there is conflict in "Verona."  The love that Romeo and Juliet display and share towards one another is not as meaningful if the backdrop of conflict and tension between the Montagues and the Capulets is not evident.  In this, the drama shows or displays how conflict is so important to the love that grows between them.  At the same time, the notion of conflict is important to the characters, themselves.  Romeo does not fall for Juliet in such a demonstrative manner without the conflict of what happened between he and Rosalind.  Additionally, Juliet's support and zeal towards Romeo is not as significant without the conflict between she and her parents.  In this, conflict is not only important to the drama, as a whole, but is even more significant in the development of each of the main characters throughout the play.


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