How important is collaboration within the career field you have chosen?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Being a teacher, collaboration is essential for me to do what I have to do.  The first level of collaboration that I need to establish is between the students and myself.  I think that modern education works best when there is a collaborative partnership between teacher and student.  It is not one of total equality, but it is one of total reciprocity.  There has to be collaboration between my willingness to guide and facilitate learning for them and their willingness to embrace the instruction given and apply it to push their own pursuits of scholarship.  I think that collaboration is equally important in the work with one's teaching colleagues.  I find that if we as teachers wish to teach students the value of collaborating and respecting one another, it has to be modeled between us and our colleagues.  To be able to gain insight from them through formal and informal discussions and observations, as well as display a partnership that shows how collaboration works in the workplace and in the aspect of learning and education is vital.  I think that I find that collaboration between parent and teacher is a necessity.  There is little I can do if I do not collaborate with the parents/ guardians of my students in order to guarantee their success.  This might involve contacting them at good moments and moments that are not so great.  It might involve conferencing with them, or even reaching out to them when they are in need or when I am in need.  Collaboration is something that every vocation needs.  As a teacher,  I find that my success is dependent on my ability to collaborate with others in order to find success. 

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