How important was the British Empire?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The British Empire was very important in many ways. The British Empire spread its influence to every continent of the world. (There are even British scientists in Antarctica.) As a result, the British established colonies throughout the world. Because of this, English ways of life are found worldwide. The English language is spoken in many places. The English system of government, or some form of it, can be found as the basis of the structure of many governments. Our system, while not exactly the same, has very similar ideas as that of the British system. The British economic system also spread as British influence moved throughout the world. The industrial revolution that began in Britain allowed British products and technology to be experienced and used by people all over the world. This impacted the standard of living of many people under British rule, usually in a positive manner. The British industrial revolution influenced our industrial revolution. The British system of justice also has been the basis of the legal system of many countries worldwide. The British religious practices also have influenced people wherever British ways have spread. Britain and some of its former colonies played a big role in the Allied victories in both World War I and World War II. The British Empire has had a huge influence on the rest of the world.

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