How is imperialism connected to industry?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a connection between imperialism and industry. When a country begins to develop industries, there are a few things the country and its industries will need. One thing they need is raw materials or resources to manufacture the products. It is much cheaper to get these raw materials from a colony than it is to buy them from another country. Getting the resources cheaply helps to keep industrial costs down. This increases the likelihood for profits.

Additionally, once the products are manufactured, they need to be sold so the industries can make money. By having colonies, the industries are guaranteed a market for the products they make.

A third connection is that countries must be able to protect its merchant marine. The merchant marine refers to the ships that carry the products made by the industries. One way to do protect the merchant marine is to have bases around the world in colonies the country owns. These bases can serve as a place where the navy, which protects the merchant marine, can stop to refuel and resupply. If countries can’t protect the products that are being traded by the industries, this will negatively impact the economy. Imperialistic countries have colonies for many reasons. One of these is to help its industries.