How can the Iliad be described as an epic?

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Homer's poem The Iliad is consistently described as an epic poem, but does it meet those criteria? An epic is typically a very long narrative piece that follows a single hero or group of heroes, details fantastic adventures and deeds, and often includes references to a god or gods.

With these criteria, we can see that this tale is indeed and epic. For one, it is a narrative poem, telling a consistent story of the battle between Troy and Greece and the exploits of the soldiers. Beyond that, the story primarily follows the actions of Achilles, the mighty warrior who was practically invulnerable due to a blessing from the gods. It tells of the dangerous and exciting journey from Greece to Troy and the mighty deeds done by the warriors, including massive battles and examples of hand to hand combat between one or two soldiers at a time. Throughout the story, the characters call upon the gods and the gods intervene to solve the characters' problems or exact their own plan in the story. Because...

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