How can I identify the historification in The Caucasian Chalk Circle?

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Historification is a term invented and used by playwright Bertolt Brecht in his plays. Brecht's theater was a revolt against the theater of realism. His epic theater, as he called it, told large narrative stories spread across many locations and episodes. Brecht believed that most modern theater of his day (the 1920s to the 1950s) was like a drug on the audience, sending them to sleep. He wanted to wake up audiences, and he wanted to present vital theatrical productions that were also didactic and made people think.

The alienation effect was another primary tool Brecht used in his plays. Definitions have varied over the years, but he basically wanted to "make the familiar strange" for audiences, while at the same time using historification, which means (for him) to set the story of the play in past. The purpose of this is for audiences to view the action with enough emotional detachment that they can have a thinking response that creates parallels between the play's events and the modern...

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