How are the ideas present in "The Lady of Shalott" applicable to today's society? How are the author's ideas still meaningful?

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I would say that some of Tennyson's themes in this play deal with subject matter universal to the human condition. I would say one of the major ones is isolation. The Lady of Shalott lives in isolated existence, and in this, she lives most of her life vicariously, watching life unfold outside her tower but not participating in it herself.

It is interesting, with this in mind, to consider also the people outside her tower, who go about their lives, largely ignorant of the full depth of the Lady's plight. They live under the shadow of her tower and know her primarily as a voice singing from high within the tower. There is a disconnect here between the woman in the tower and the people living life around her. They might all of them know of her, but not one of them knows or understands the Lady herself, as a real, living person.

In all of this, Tennyson tackles universal themes concerning the suffering of individuals, as well as the disconnect that can emerge between the individual and the...

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