Writing and Difference Questions and Answers
by Jacques Derrida

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How is the idea or term 'Differance' by Derrida similar to Heidegger's notion of Being?

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Heidegger was an important influence on Derrida. Heidegger's concept of destruction led to Derrida's philosophy of deconstruction and both philosophers questioned the nature of "presence." 

Heidegger's notion of Being, in terms of "Dasein" ("being there") and the human "being-in-the-world" does not separate the human being's mental activity from the external world. The human being is always already necessarily a part of (not apart from) the world. Therefore, Heidegger does not ascribe to Descartes' idea that the mind and world are separate entities. Heidegger also says that, in being connected to the world ("being there" and "being-in-the-world"), human beings are communal beings, being present to each other.

Heidegger sought to investigate the meaning of "Being" because he thought this question had been forgotten throughout the history of philosophy. Considering all the notions of Being in human experience and Being in terms of time, Heidegger...

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