In Othello, how is Iago able to fool so many people? Why do people refer to him as "honest Iago"?

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Outwardly, Iago seems honest but he is actually a very petty and small person. His main ploy is playing on other people's insecurities. His interactions with Othello are a prime example. Othello is an honest and virtuous man but has the flaw of jealousy. Iago's tone and persona is of a very honest and respectable man. In this way he is able to lure Othello into his trap. The first half of the play is very much Iago's. Most of the action is seen through his point-of-view. It is important to note that the audience sees a side of Iago that the other characters don't. Namely that he is scheming their destruction. In this way, his "honest" persona is clearly ironic. It is a ploy which he uses to his advantage....

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