How are the hypothesis classified? My posted question is related with Research Methodology

krishna-agrawala | Student

Hypothesis are classified in four broad categories:

  • Relational Hypothesis
  • Causal Hypothesis
  • Null Hypothesis
  • Alternate Hypothesis

Relational Hypothesis states an assumptions that describes the relationship between two variables. The relationship suggested may be positive, negative or causal relationship. For example the hypothesis may state that customers tend to spend more time in stores with better atmospherics.

Causal Hypothesis affirm that the existence of or change in one variable causes or leads to an effect on another variable. The first of the two variable is called the independent variable and the latter is the dependant variable.

Null hypothesis is a causal hypothesis stated negatively. It states that one variable makes no difference to or has no relationship with another. For example the hypothesis may state that the store atmospheric has no influence on the time customers spend in the store.

Alternate hypothesis simply states the existence of a relationship without predicting the nature of relationship. For example hypothesis may state that there is a definite relationship between the time spent by customers in store and the store atmospherics

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