Marriage Is a Private Affair

by Chinua Achebe
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How is hybridity illustrated in the text?

Expert Answers

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I think that hybridity can be seen in the characters of Nene and Nnaemeka.  If one takes hybridity in its most elemental form as a combination or mixture, certainly Nene represents this.  She is able to demonstrate a commitment to remain true to herself, while embracing the conditions of being of a different background.  For Nene, she is able to clearly combine elements of her own past with her own presents hybridity as she shows herself to be flexible. She is able to remain true to her identity as a woman, but also embrace the modern condition of women in Lagos.   By the same token, Nnaemeka represents hybridity as he still wishes to hold on to his father's love while clinging to the life has has made with Nene.  This represents a sense of hybridity as he seeks to combine both elements of his past with his father and the present with his wife.  The final example of hybridity comes with Nene's letter to Okeke, one in which she wishes to have his presence in the life of her husband and their children.  In this instant, there is hybridity in seeking to combine generations of different consciousnesses.

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