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Jim and Huck are both marginal, lower-class characters in the white middle-class society they inhabit. Jim is marginal and lower-class because he is a slave. Huck is marginal and lower-class because he is the son of a drunk and lives for much of his life outside the realm of "civilized" society. Both Jim and Huck wear ragged clothes, own very few material goods, and are used to a rough life.

Both feel a strong need to escape their circumstances. Jim wants to flee when he overhears Miss Watson wanting to sell him. Huck wants to flee his abusive father who beats him, and he also wants to flee civilized society, which he finds constraining.

Both Huck and Jim are used to living by their wits without depending on others. Both, however, are good-hearted people who treat each other with kindness and try to care for one another. Huck's natural compassion allows him to see Jim as fully human even though he has been taught all his life to regard black people as less than human. Jim, in turn, does...

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