How do Hoftede's five value dimensions and the GLOBE framework differ?

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Both Hoftede’s five cultural dimensions and the GLOBE framework examine a particular country's beliefs and traditions and rate them on specific areas. Hoftede’s five dimensions look at these culture differences: power distance (level of inequality in a community), individualism (how integrated a society is into groups), masculinity (gender roles), uncertainty avoidance (how a culture handles unstructured situations), and long term orientation (perseverance). Countries are given scores in each of the five areas which is then correlated and compared to data from other countries.

The GLOBE framework was developed after Hoftede’s dimensions and expands on his work. The GLOBE framework compares countries looking at nine different areas including power distance, uncertainty avoidance , assertiveness (value of competition), humane orientation (kindness to others), future orientation (value of planning), individual collectivism (integration into groups), gender difference (gender roles), in-group collectivism (membership in small groups), and performance orientation (improvement).

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