How does history help citizens know their own countries better?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The study of history helps citizens know their country better. By studying history, people can learn how their country formed and then developed over time. They can discover which countries were their friends and which were their enemies. They can also see how they have treated other people, either living in their country or those people living in other places around the world.

By studying history, people can learn what resources their country had and how those resources were used to help the country grow and develop. People can learn how their country dealt with serious issues that impacted their country. They also can learn how their culture developed. By studying history, they can learn how workers were treated and how, or if, the government valued the citizens. Through the study of history, people can learn about wars in which their country fought. They can also learn about how their country built an empire or if their country built an empire.

A person can learn a lot about their country by studying its history.