How is heroism demonstrated in each of the character's actions?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that the greatest heroism demonstrated by the characters in Hersey's work is derived from their unwillingness to surrender.  Each of the characters features survives and persevered through unimaginable pain and death that surrounds them.  They each had their own lives, their own predicaments, and individual narratives that converged with the dropping of the bomb.  Through their experiences, there is a demonstration of the human spirit.  From the priest who continues his work of conversion and reaching out the horizons of his faith while suffering from radiation aftereffects to the doctor whose primary guilt lies in his inability to properly catalogue the deaths in the initial moments after the explosion, the heroic element in each character is both survival and the experience of perseverance that does not waver despite the most horrific of conditions.

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