How does Helen Keller show a spirit of resistance?

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Helen Keller showed a spirit of resistance many times in her life.  She faced life with determination.  At first, her resistance had a negative impact on her life.  Before Miss Sullivan came, Helen felt trapped in her dark and soundless world.  She wanted to communicate like everyone else, but she could not.  Helen described this time in her life:  "The spirit of resistance was strong within me" (The Story of My Life, Chapter III). When she was frustrated, she felt trapped and sometimes threw fits.  When Miss Sullivan arrived to be her teacher, Helen was resistant.  She tried to get rid of Miss Sullivan by locking the woman in her room and hiding the key.

When Helen finally learned to communicate, she continued to resist boundaries placed upon her by others.  For example, when Helen was at the Cambridge School, Mr. Gilman wanted her to take her time before entering college.  Helen wanted to graduate with her class.  When her mother withdrew her, Helen worked with determination with tutors to complete her studies on time.


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