How did Helen Keller lose her sight and hearing?

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Helen Keller was a little more than two years old (19 months) when she lost her sight and ability to hear. While there was no official diagnosis of the disease except "brain fever," the symptoms lead to the modern belief that she had meningitis or scarlet fever.  The description of the disease was "an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain." According to both Helen Keller's autobiography and the accounts of various historians, she came close to death with a high fever over the course of several days.  A third disease, encephalitis, is also a possibility; however, it is extremely rare.  The fourth possibility was rubella.  When Helen Keller was two Alabama was experiencing an epidemic.  

Helen Keller's account of the disease speaks of the loss of her sight as a gradual process wherein her eyes felt dry and hot.  Tests done later in her life proved that she was not able to see any light or objects.  Likewise the same tests found that there was no vibration or "air conduction" in either ear.  Whichever disease Helen Keller experienced, it robbed her of her vision and hearing completely.  Because she was so young, the inability to hear rendered her mute without a conduit to learn speech.  


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