How are Helen, Annie, and James isolated?

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In the book The Miracle Worker the reader learns that Anne Sullivan and her younger brother were placed in an institution.  Anne’s brother died at an early age leaving Anne alone.  Anne has some sight initially but it becomes worse over time.  She has to have surgery to restore some of her sight. She must then wear dark strong glasses.  Having been alone and legally blind in the institution has left her isolated from the world.  Her adventure is her entry into Helen Keller’s life.

 Helen’s inability to communicate with her family and others due to her being deaf, blind, and unable to speak has left her alone within her own body.  She touches and experiences the world around her through touch, but she can not interact with others through any method of communication until Anne Sullivan teachers her sign language.

 Jimmy is isolated in his relationship with his father and mother due to Helen’s behaviors and his father’s frustrations.  The Colonel has high expectations for his son, but puts him down.  They have evolved their relationship into one of conflict in which Jimmy is relatively powerless.  No one really cares about his opinions.  Helen, being the younger child with demanding behaviors has parents who feel intensely sorry for her and allow Helen to do as she pleases.  Meal times are disrupted by Helen’s poor manners and rude antics.  Jimmy sees the damage his parents are causing and also has lost hope that Helen should be living at home with them.

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