How are Hector and Achilles alike and different in Homer's Iliad.

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Let me state the similarities first and then the differences.

Hector and Achilles are similar in that they are both great warriors. They are the best in each army. Hector is the best warrior in Troy and Achilles is the greatest warrior among the Greeks. They also both are proud and will not back down from a fight. Think of Hector and his refusal to come into the city walls, even at this wife's pleading. He knows that he must fight Achilles and he does. As for Achilles' pride, we can see this in his arguments against Agamemnon.

There are also differences between the two men. Achilles often times comes off a blood thirsty and bent on glory for himself. At worst, Achilles comes off as childish. Hector is consistently honorable and fights to defend his people. In this sense, Hector is more noble, even if Achilles has beaten him in combat.