How is the Hebrew culture influenced by the ancient Mesopotamian and ancient Egyptian culture and knowledge?

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The influence of Mesopotamia on Hebrew Culture is striking; Egyptian influence is less clear.

Hebrew culture recounts the story of a flood in which Noah was the survivor. This story bears striking resemblance to the Epic of Gilgamesh of Mesopotamian history. Hebrew religion also tells the story of a large tower, named Babel, meaning confusion. There is compelling evidence that the true "tower" was actually a Ziggurat. There is also compelling evidence that the name "Babel" actually refers to Babylon. A number of cultural and geographical elements of Mesopotamia appear in Hebrew Culture, such as the worship of Baal and Astarte; and the cities of Ur, Babylon, and Nineveh.

Hebrew Culture speaks of course of the flight of the Hebrews from Egypt during the reign of Rameses II. There is some question as to the historical accuracy of this recount; however it is part of the Hebrew Scripture.

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