The Fault in Our Stars

by John Green

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How does Hazel and Augustus's relationship differ from that of other teens? How is it the same?

Expert Answers

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Hazel and Augustus's relationship differs from that of other teens because of their cancer and consequent life experiences. Both continue to face terminal illness so they have grown up quickly. They have tackled serious questions about mortality and the meaning of life in ways most teens never need to. They also have learned to make every moment special because they don't have that many of them compared to other teens.

But like other teens, they each begin by wondering if the other is truly attracted. The question of "Does he/she like me?" is as true for them as it is for any teen couple. They also share a quirky sense of humor.

Like other teens, they physically desire each other. But they must overcome physical restraints unique to their situation: Hazel's necessary oxygen tank and Augustus's amputated leg. But their ability to work through these difficulties shows their deep commitment and love for each other.

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