How have your experiences as a citizen of a very diverse nation helped you to understand the other cultures of the world?

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Being a citizen of a very diverse nation can help a person understand the other cultures of the world through first-hand encounters with people from other countries and whose cultures reflect their disparate origins. For instance, New York City is a major entry point into the United States and a large financial center, making it a city where many immigrants settle. This means that people who live in New York City meet immigrants from a myriad of different countries, including Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Speaking directly to people provides insight into their lifestyles in their country of origin and how they differed from those of U.S. citizens.

By meeting people of different countries, residents can learn a lot about their cultures, habits, foods and customs. Exposure to other languages also helps people become accustomed to different inflections and nuances and can make people more sensitive to the different traditions of other peoples. Using New York City as an example again, there are more than 800 languages spoken, according to the World Atlas. People who live in large metropolitan regions also have exposure to people of diverse backgrounds. Diversity helps people understand other cultures and develop greater comprehension of about people of disparate backgrounds and sensitivity to how to get along with people who are from different places.

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