How have weapons in warfare changed over time?

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Weapons have been used since the Stone Age. The earliest weapons for land warfare were often clubs made of wood or stone. Stone tips are among the oldest weapons ever found.

Weapons changed during the Bronze Age. Bronze replaced stone in weapons, and maces made of bronze became widely used. Warfare became much larger and much more organized as large armies were first seen during the Bronze Age.

The Iron Age included the production of weapons made of steel. Those weapons were much stronger and better than their Bronze-Age counterparts.

The development of the bow and arrow changed warfare. This weapon enabled you to kill from a safe distance. At first, this weapon was made with wood and bone and its effectiveness was limited. By 1500 BC, the composite bow had revolutionized warfare. Parthian archers were adept at using this weapon, and they used it to crush a Roman army at Carrhae in 53 BC.

More modern changes in warfare are illustrated by changes during the Hundred Years' War (1337–1453). Brave French knights were repeatedly slaughtered by English longbowmen in large battles such as that at Agincourt in 1415. The French finally learned that cavalry charges were suicidal in the face of skilled English archers. By the end of the war, the French were using massed artillery which they used to crush the English at Castillon.

Also in 1453, the Turks used artillery to conquer Constantinople. That fortress's walls could not withstand the bombardment.

The rise of gunpowder eventually led to the obsolescence of the bow and arrow. This was a long process, however, because early shoulder-held rifles took a long time to load.

Today's weaponry includes lethal rifles, artillery, and a variety of incredibly destructive weapons. Nuclear weapons are far too powerful and pose a threat to the existence of humanity. Because of that, warfare between the greatest powers has not occurred since 1945. The use of even some of these weapons could destroy life as we know it.

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The answer to this question is that weapons in warfare have changed over time because they have become much more technologically sophisticated and much more deadly over time.  Just consider the fact that early wars between civilizations were conducted using swords, spears, and bows.  Wars today are conducted using such weapons as missiles fired from airplanes (manned and unmanned) and ships, tanks, cannons, and machine guns.  This shows just how much weaponry has increased in sophistication and power.

 Ever since history began, people have engaged in warfare.  Since people have been fighting constantly, they have also been in a constant search for new weapons that would allow them to have greater power than their enemies.  They have tried to find better weapons so that they could kill their enemies without being killed themselves.  This has led to a process in which weapons have become much more powerful and much more technologically sophisticated.  We have gone from arrows made of wood and stone or metal that could each kill one person to having bombs that can easily kill (even when they are just conventional bombs and  not nuclear weapons) hundreds of people at once.  This is how weapons used in war have changed over time.

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