How have weapons in warfare changed over time?

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Weapons have been used since the Stone Age. The earliest weapons for land warfare were often clubs made of wood or stone. Stone tips are among the oldest weapons ever found.

Weapons changed during the Bronze Age. Bronze replaced stone in weapons, and maces made of bronze became widely used. Warfare became much larger and much more organized as large armies were first seen during the Bronze Age.

The Iron Age included the production of weapons made of steel. Those weapons were much stronger and better than their Bronze-Age counterparts.

The development of the bow and arrow changed warfare. This weapon enabled you to kill from a safe distance. At first, this weapon was made with wood and bone and its effectiveness was limited. By 1500 BC, the composite bow had revolutionized warfare. Parthian archers were adept at using this weapon, and they used it to crush a Roman army at Carrhae in 53 BC.

More modern changes in warfare are illustrated by changes during the Hundred Years' War (1337–1453)....

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