In Chapter Ten of Silas Marner, how have the misfortunes of Silas transformed him in the eyes of the community?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter Ten makes it very clear that with the loss of his gold, Silas has undergone a big change, both in his own character but also in the way he is perceived and viewed by others in Raveloe. Whereas before he deliberately kept everybody at arms length and this was interpreted as pride and misanthropy, now he is looked upon sympathetically:

He was generally spoken of as a "poor mushed creatur," and that avoidance of his neighbours, which had before been referred to his ill-will and to a probable addiction to worse company, was now considered mere craziness.

The change in his fortunes makes him something of a local celebrity, with everybody very interested in stopping him when they see him or paying him a visit in his home to get the details told from Silas himself. The irony of this is clear: Silas was a man who shunned fellow human company, and yet with the loss of his gold, he suddenly finds himself at the centre of it.