How have the media affected/ influenced our society?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The media has a big influence on society.  The news media can shape public opinion by choosing to report on certain stories and not on others.  Also, when the news media reports on a story, what they show or say can influence the public’s perception of events.  When a story gets coverage also influences the public’s perception of the event. A front-page story in the newspaper or the lead story on the national news suggests how important that event is.

The media can also affect fads and fashions in our country.  When popular television show characters wear certain clothing or use certain phrases, this many impact those who follow (or imitate) these people.

The media can influence why we do and don’t buy.  The power of advertising is very strong and influences decisions we make about items we purchase.  How certain images are portrayed in advertisements can really impact how the public perceives the item.