How have the main characters developed in chapters 23 & 24? Explain and give two examples for each character. For example, Jem is becoming more opinated-->  since he wont accept anyones opinion but his own (When Scout says there is only one type of "people" in society but he believes there are four he becomes frustrated)

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I am going to address 3 characters in chapter 24 for you as it is a thorough chapter ripe with strong character development.

Scout learns to hold her tongue --> At the missionary tea, ladies tease her about how she's dressed. She looks very nice in a little dress, but they wonder if she has pants on underneath. She answers but has further thought about what to say and doesn't allow words of offense to come out. Also, after the news of Tom's death the ladies return to the tea from the kitchen, Scout included. That is a big secret to hold considering some of the rude things the women were saying about Tom's family and the black community in general.

Aunt Alexandra realizes the strength within Atticus --> Listening to the women and then going into the kitchen to hear the news of Tom's death, Alexandra gains perspective of Atticus' moral and standard building role in the community. Some people were just made to bear the burdens of others and it's not fair. She is realizing this is Atticus' position among Maycombians.

Maudie Atkinson further notes the ill will of society --> Maudie helps Scout maintain control when people ask her questions about what she wants to be and about her pants. Maudie's gentle squeeze shows Scout Maudie gets the terrible feelings Scout must be experiencing. Maudie also makes a few out-going comments during the tea that make other people uncomfortable as some of them are criticizing Atticus in his own house. She defends Atticus and suffers pain for him.

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