How have changes in the status and freedom of women influenced Western society during the last thirty years?  

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The changes in the status and roles of women have reshaped western society. The first, and somewhat self-evident changes appear in the way that what used to be all male preserves, including centers of political, economic, and cultural power, now include both genders. Next, society is less segregated by gender and race; both in social and business settings diversity has increased. This also means that crimes against women are no longer implicitly condoned by a male power structure; rape, for example is taken more seriously as a crime. The declining birth rate in Western countries is also correlated with rise in women's status.

The rise of the two paycheck nuclear family (which had economic causes) combined with the rise of social media and changing female roles has resulted in greater age segregation with children socialized more by their peer groups than adults.