How have education, admission, and registration policies, and other aspects of your college or university have become "McDonaldized"?

The "McDonaldization" of universities is shown in the tendency to rely on numerical indications of performance. Students are admitted based almost entirely on standardized test scores and GPAs. Education is seen as a product, the usefulness of which can be determined by future earnings. Professors are judged on student evaluations, the amount of research funding they secure, and the number and impact factor of publications.

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This answer will vary somewhat according to the type of university you attend. The following instances of "McDonaldization" (as defined by George Ritzer in his 1993 book, The McDonaldization of Society) will be more prevalent in large, research-based universities. However, all higher education institutions, with the partial exception of small, private liberal arts colleges, have been moving in a broadly similar direction.

First, admissions are almost entirely based on numbers. Standardized test scores and grade point averages, together with any other information that can be measured and numerically compared, are the most important factors. Personal essays and recommendations have become much less significant to admissions committees.

Education is increasingly regarded as a product to be delivered to consumers. Its quality is measured by outcome in terms of future employment and salary. The ideal is to deliver a set of skills as efficiently as possible and show that these skills increase the student's potential to secure well-paid employment.

Universities generally seek numerical evaluations of performance from students, professors, and administrative staff. Professors are stringently evaluated in terms of teaching by frequent student and peer assessment, and in their research by the amount of external funding they secure, the number of publications they have, and the impact factors of the journals in which they publish.

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