How have drugs made a positive and negative affect on our body/lifestyle?It includes all drugs, legal and illegal and pharmaceutical drugs as well....

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Most of the drugs that are available start out with the general purpose of making a person's health and life better.  As I have gotten older, my doctor has found it necessary to put me on a high blood pressure medication, because my blood pressure consistently was high.  This medication allows my blood pressure to be within what is considered to be a normal parameter, or range, for people in my age group.  My doctor also found my blood cholesterol levels to be abnormally high, so he prescribed another drug to help control my cholesterol.  This medication keeps my cholesterol levels within acceptable limits.

While most drugs fall within this "helpful" category, drug abuse would certainly be at the top of the negative list in terms of hurting people.  Drug abuse is when a person takes a drug for reasons other thatn what the physician has prescribed the drug for, usually because it produces some type of "high" feeling.  The list is long for people who have died by their own hand by taking too much of a particular drug.

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How have drugs made a positive and negative affect on our body/lifestyle?

Pharmaceutical grade drugs have saved countless lives. Diseases like malaria, small pox, and measles have practically been wiped out. Tuberculosis which used to require extended hospitalization can be avoided with a simple injection. Eye drops are saving the eye sight of malnourished people in Africa. Millions of people enjoy extended lives thanks to cholesterol lowering meds; diabetics well-being is insured not just by proper diet but with the addition of medications. When I think of what my physician has prescribed for me, I can include low dose aspirin, multiple vitimins, fish oil, anti-depressents, diuretics (yes it seems I'm a walking medicine cabinet), and more.These medications allow me to life a lovely, high quality life.

Any of these drugs taken improperly can have a negative impact. Overdoses are common among the elderly or those with dementia who forget taking their medication and innocently take a second round of meds. Conversely, they may forget to take their medications which can also have a negative impact on their bodies.

Taking up a friend who offers one of their pills for a headache or other ailment can have a negative affect. These pills can interact negatively with physician prescribed medications and cause undesirable side affects. Antibiotics save lives, but people who stop taking them because they feel better and hold the balance of their prescription back in case they become ill again in the future are only fooling themselves. Half of the dosage will not have the intended affect of containing an infection, and the patient runs the risk of a rebound effect of the original illness returning.

Then, of course, there are that are either illegal or illegally provided. Illegal drugs run the gamut of cocaine, heroin, meth, and marijuana, generally used because of they user enjoys the high. Once the high is gone, though, the user has to go looking for more drugs in order to get that feeling again. Drug overdoses are common resulting in an array of conditions from anxiety to death.

Illegally provided pharmaceuticals have their own negatives. Improperly used, the drugs can cause adverse interactions with other drugs being used, unexpected allergic reactions, and in the case of antibiotics, over used (prescribed or otherwise) lose their value as the antibodies the drug was intended to kill off will mutate and become immune to that antibiotic

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