How have dramatic techniques been used to reveal memorable ideas in Othello?I'm a bit stuck with this question and could use some help to answer well. Thanks for any help!

Expert Answers
mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are the primary dramatic techniques used by Shakespeare in Othello:

Small cast: 13 characters is Shakespeare's smallest, most intimate cast.  Thus, the unity of action is better achieved.

Race relations: a black man on stage was revolutionary; a black man in charge of a white city-state's army was daring; a black man married to a white senator's daughter was ground-breaking.

Bedroom scene: having a bed on stage was scandalous.  Having a bedroom murder scene of a white woman by a black man was light years ahead of its time.  We thought the OJ murder trial was riotous; this is even more so.

Villain outshines the tragic hero: Iago has more lines and more good scenes than the tragic hero.  Iago opens and closes most of the scenes.  Othello, by contrast, is more enigmatic and mysterious.

Plight of women: there are three types of women in the play: the upper-class Desdemona; the middle-class Emilia; and the low-class Bianca.  Ironically, the former two are killed by their husbands.  Women were at the mercies of men: the play is more sexist than it is racist.