How have the conditions of the women changed from the medieval period to now? In what ways are things similar?  

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Generally, the conditions for women have changed considerably since the Middle Ages. In the field of  education, for example, women are now allowed to attend university and study whatever field they choose. The world of work has also witnessed big changes: modern women can work in any profession they choose, like doctors and lawyers, which were once the preserve of medieval men.

Staying on this topic, we see some similarities between medieval and modern women. Today, for example, women continue to dominate the fields of teaching and nursing, as their medieval counterparts did. According to a survey carried out by the U.S. Department of Labor, for example, 91.1% of registered nurses and 81.8% of elementary and middle school teachers are female. (See the first reference link provided).

Many modern women also choose to work as homemakers and to adopt the role of primary caregiver in the raising of their children. This bears a strong similarity to medieval women for whom the home was of central importance.

Please see the second reference link for more information. 

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