How have the Common Core Standards been integrated into high school curricula in California?

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Like so many places in American education, Common Core has become an embedded part of current teaching practices.  In September of 2012, teaching modules for English/ Language Arts and Mathematics became available to California teachers.  It was in this light where writing at the secondary school level was emphasized to speak from an evidential point of view.  Writing and reading became text- driven, something in which students receive instruction in how to defend written work from an evidence- based or substantiated frame of reference.  These are significant milestones reacvhed in how Common Core has become evident in California schools.

By Spring of this year, further integration will be evident.  Summative assessments will be piloted in California classrooms.  This will help to further integrated Common Core in a couple of ways.  Teachers and stakeholders will have some evidence reflecting how Common Core has been integrated and in what ways further immersion is needed.  Additionally, piloting these summative assessments will also enable stronger and more worthwhile discourse on what the assessment piece to Common Core should resemble and how it can become more relevant in displaying student strengths and areas of improvement where needed.  The piloting of Summative Assessments this Spring is a crucial piece to showcase the integration of Common Core in California's classroom setting.  I think that this might be a piece to further reflect where Common Core is in California schools and where it needs to be.

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