How have banks in your region fared during this troubled time period? Have there been a number of bank failures?

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Of course, there have been different numbers of bank failures in different regions of the country.  I live in Washington State, but I have no idea where you live.  That will make it hard to give an answer that applies to you.  It is also at least somewhat difficult to define what counts as a person’s “region.”  It may make sense for you to follow this link so that you can see all of the bank failures in the state where you live and in surrounding states since 2000.

In my state of Washington, there have not been all that many bank failures.  Most of these banks have really just been small local banks.  For example, there was the Bank of Whitman in Whitman County and the Bank of Clark County in that county.  These were not very big banks.  All in all, 18 banks have failed in my state, in the last few years.  All of them have been acquired by other banks.

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