Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement

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How have African- Americans worked to further the cause of Civil Rights into today?

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I think that the key element in the question is "worked."  Civil Rights has been one of intense work, where there has not been a type of "finish line" as much as one in which  barriers are seen and overcome only to be supplanted with new hurdles.  I would say that one particular manner in which African- Americans have worked to further the cause of Civil Rights is by injecting into the social and political discourses of American thought the idea of equity and what it means to be fair to all citizens.  One of the lasting legacies of the Civil Rights Movement was the inclusion of voice.  It is an element that is present in all that we do and how we progress.  Regardless of the consequence, the Civil Rights Movement made the demanding of voice something powerful, something that had to be fully understood and accepted in the...

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