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How has your job changed the way you see the world today? How has your job changed the way you see the world today?

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I definitely agree with poster #2. I don't have much teaching experience, but I have had enough to know that it has made me a cynical about society and youth, education, parenting, and working with a majority of women. I thought the field would be about helping students to grow socially and become lifelong learners or find some joy in learning. Now, I do believe that the bottom line is all about money, or test scores, and politics, but not about the greater good of the students. It's a brutal field to be in, that's why I'm looking for positions besides traditional teaching.

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clairewait eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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(If you are taking a poll here on Enotes, I imagine the discussion forum is a better place to post this question.  If you are simply looking for ideas on how you can answer this question, personally, I simply encourage you to be as honest as possible.)

My job as a teacher has given me a slightly more jaded and cynical view of the way I see the world.  There certainly are positive aspects of teaching, and I'd be lying to say I do not love it (because I do!), but there are no amount of college classes, classroom visits, or books that can truly prepare a teacher for the difficulties of life in the classroom.

Speaking in completely general terms, as a teacher I've never felt more unsupported by society.  Even in the best school districts, teachers are fighting for more parental support, administrative trust, and societal recognition.  I look at the budget crisis and wonder exactly how much money is actually wasted in the education system, and how things could be reworked to make smarter spending decisions.  Globally, I think in future generations, America is at risk for losing its position as one of the top economically stable nations, and though this may not be a direct result of our education system, as part of it, I feel I'm more aware of where the problems begin.

I do, however, still believe that on the whole, our teachers are among the most dedicated and hard-working of our professional citizens.  Sadly, as the family unit continues to deteriorate in our society and government steps in to fill that gap, the battle will only become more difficult.

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shonaparra | Student

I was a commerce student earlier and started working with corporate firms as a Public Relation Executive. Though I was working quite well and earning money - the major thing I was lacking was job satisfaction.

Later on, I decided and started my career once again in Social Science > Psychology. Right now I am working with NGO's and studying. My job has drstically changed the way now I see the world today.

I see my self as a future helping professional. I feel happy contended and satisfied.