1984 Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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How has Winston changed since being with julia?

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Before Winston Smith met Julia, he was a completely miserable, depressed man, who was a secret political dissident and would only express his negative feelings towards Big Brother and the Party in his private journal. Initially, Winston Smith believes that Julia is a possible agent of the Thought Police and an orthodox member of the Junior Anti-Sex League. However, Julia ends up slipping him a meaningful note and the two meet up in the countryside. After consummating, Winston begins to feel more confident about exercising his individuality and challenging the oppressive authoritarian regime. Winston's relationship with Julia begins to grow and he no longer feels depressed or fed up with life. Julia allows Winston to experience a certain level of autonomy and independence, which he has never felt before. His sexual urges are also satisfied and her presence eases his mind. After meeting Julia, Winston seems healthier, spiritually renewed, and more comfortable in his own skin.

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