How has the theme deception made the play more interesting . In your response refer to two incidents

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You can put keywords in the search MV box (above right) for some ideas.  A Professor Parrott noted "the deceitfulness of appearances."  He was surely referring to the gold,silver and lead caskets.  We are not told exactly how Portia appears when she presents herself as Dr. Balthasar.  It then might become interesting to wonder if Bassanio suspects who the Doctor of laws really is.  When Portia says, "I have within my mind /  A thousand raw tricks of these bragging Jacks, / Which I will practice"(Act 3, scene 4), one might begin to wonder whether and against whom she plans to practice deception in the court scene.  In the first scene, Gratiano's "Let me play the fool!" speech is also interesting as the line, "But fish not with this melancholy bait," implies that Antonio is practicing deception, to some degree, and the line   is echoed in Act 3, scene 1, and recalls references to fish in ROMEO AND JULIET.