Diversity in the Workplace

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How has the definition of diversity changed over time? Can a diverse workforce help a company compete more effectively?  Name three organizations that are strongly committed to diversity and describe their efforts in the area of diversity.

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Diversity and inclusivity in the workforce is vital to any business. The US population is becoming more diverse, with the country expected to be a “majority minority” country by mid-century. Because companies serve a wide variety of customers, having a workforce that approximates the clientele will improve effectiveness. Drawing employees from different backgrounds will bring new ideas and perspectives, contributing to the creative, innovative approaches to problem solving and product development that can help the company gain or maintain a leadership role.

Compliance with the law is another important dimension. Discrimination in hiring is illegal. It is sound practice to follow the law. Employees or prospective employees who believe they have been subject to discrimination may take legal action. Complying...

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