How has the debate over the origins of the American Revolution shifted over time? What are some reasons for the changing interpretations?

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In my view there's little doubt that the Civil Rights movement and changing attitudes about race have affected the way the American Revolution has been perceived, by historians and to some extent by the U.S. public overall, in recent decades.

The question has, with good reason, been increasingly asked as to why the Founders allowed the system of slavery to continue while consciously basing the rebellion on Enlightenment values and while declaring that all men are created equal. In addition, the Native Americans largely sided with the British. Until the past fifty years, both the African Americans and the American Indians were largely written out of the history of the Revolution, ignored by white Americans who saw the struggle for independence only in terms of their own assertion of rights in the face of the British Crown's attempt to deny them. With the U.S. finally, since the 1960s, having become a post-racial society, at least in the sense that legalized racial oppression has been ended,...

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