How has technology changed our moral values? ...

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Communication technology has made us more intrusive in to the minutiae of other people's lives. One of the big turn offs for me with Facebook is that work colleagues will send endless feeds about making lunch, walking the dog and inconsequential detail that is of fno interest to other people. This has has gone beyond the ordinary individual: celebrities tweet pictures of their shoes, themselves without makeup, etc etc, and these banal details are called news!!! We seem to have become obsessed with detail but less concerned about the bigger picture.

I don't think technology has changed moral values for most people. Technology has probably made it easier to communicate those values, which sometimes leads to increased conflict when people with different values come into contact. If you're including medical advances in knowledge and practice under your general term of "technology," then there are huge new ethical areas that need to be addressed and that are forcing many people to...

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